We have thousands of the most qualified medical documentation professionals in the industry, and they’re ready when you are.

Need more convincing? OK. You can choose the best transcription approach for your organization: full-service management or flexible outsourcing. Either way, before we transcribe a single word, we get to know your providers, their preferences, and we learn how your team operates. Sudden changes in workflow or physician roster? It’s no problem for DeliverHealth.

Our medical transcription services team aligns with your organization’s unique needs to minimize disruption, reduce turnaround time, and accelerate the revenue cycle and support revenue integrity. Flexible service options reduce transcription costs and accommodate for volume fluctuations. And our work doesn’t stop at the keyboard.

Technology enablement opens the door to multiple speech and dictation options and full EHR integration, all without impacting your physician workflows. Rigorous quality processes ensure your physicians get the exact reports they need alongside the optimal customer service experience they deserve, and all is secure and supports HIPAA compliance efforts.

We’re convinced, and we hope you are, too.

Attention to Detail. 

An eye on results

Every draft touched by DeliverHealth Transcription Services has detailed tracking and logging information to ensure that it is completed within the contractual turnaround time (TAT). You’ll receive monthly status reports on TAT, quality, and open items for full transparency into the transcription process.

Quality control

Quality Compliance Auditors proactively monitor and address issues. Granular reporting at all levels identifies error types, MLS details, account-specific views, and more. Quality control and auditing protocols ensure our transcription services meet or exceed established standards.

The best of all worlds

We’re committed to meeting your turnaround time with 24/7/365 transcription. We do it through a mix of domestic, offshore, and multi-shore services. For clients choosing to leverage our offshore resources, we can improve turnaround times in off-peak hours — without sacrificing quality or security.

It’s personnel

From implementation to the day-to-day management of your account, you’ll have a dedicated team at your service. They’re always available by phone to ensure your cost, quality, and TAT expectations are met. In addition, we have a strict and rigorous HIPAA education and enforcement program.

A team you can trust

DeliverHealth Transcription Services employs thousands of the most qualified medical documentation professionals in the industry — many with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare. Our commitment to MLS success combines with comprehensive training and QA processes to drive superior service and foster individual growth.

Benefits aligned with your needs.

  • Full-service or partial management
  • Integration with your EHR
  • Multiple input options including speech and smartphone dictation
  • Experienced MLS team
  • Rigorous quality and TAT practices
  • Electronic signature
  • Document distribution via print or fax

“We’ve cut our transcription costs in half, improved the transparency of our dictation and transcription process, and gained operational efficiencies — all without impacting clinician workflows.”

Nancy Earnley | Director of Medical Records | Emerson Hospital