About Us

Great to connect with you. We are DeliverHealth.

DeliverHealth emerged on the healthcare technology scene in early 2021 as a new but “familiar” face. Through the successful acquisition of Nuance Communications’ EHR Services and HIM Services divisions, and DuetHealth and MIST (Medical Information Software Technology), DeliverHealth is a healthcare software & services company with a set of interconnected solutions that improve customer’s capabilities to solve systemic issues.

Our Mission

To clear the way for the healthcare connections that matter most – between clinicians and technology, providers and patients, and people and their health.

Our Vision

To simplify the complexities of healthcare.

For more than a year, we’ve charged ahead, a group of healthcare experts with sleeves up to our elbows, to support 2,000+ clients with the exact right solution for them.

At DeliverHealth, we’re not just imagining a world where physicians spend less time documenting and more time with patients, where EHRs are simpler and workflows are more effective, where patients are empowered to manage their health from their smartphones… We’re building it.

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Our experts can help you find the best blend of technology and services to help your health system deliver a high-quality experience.