Easing Pandemic Pain Points

COVID-19 has put a strain on every part of the healthcare delivery system. 

Your organization is likely no exception as they struggle to keep up with increased call volumes and vaccine questions. DeliverHealth can help.

We can partner with you to ease those burdens, helping to inform patients to increase compliance, maintain vaccination schedules, and free up your internal service desk and IT.

Our large-scale, rapid deployment of COVID-19 vaccination support helps patients and their proxies or guarantor navigate eligibility questionnaires, patient portals, and scheduling.

For children’s healthcare facilities and providers, we understand the subtle differences and challenges that will come with scheduling individuals under age 16 versus the general population. While asynchronous options will be available through various online resources and EHR patient portals, the sensitivities to pediatric vaccination compliance will drive increased call volumes.

  • EHR workflow training for vaccine administration, documentation, and scheduling
  • End-user support onsite or remote for vaccine sites and clinics
  • Vaccine contact center with end-user workflow support and ticket triage/escalation (Tier 1) and access to client EHR for documentation and appointment management
  • Inbound support for clinicians and patients
  • Outbound support to promote patient adoption and vaccine compliance

Swiftly augment your team using your current system or roll over to DeliverHealth’s system. No matter which method you choose, you can expect quick deployment with these combinations or a la carte packages:

Solution 1
Virtual or onsite training provides at-the-elbow support for clinicians, schedulers, and patient access as you respond to staffing challenges.

Solution 2
Contact Center team supports patient portal, scheduling, and telehealth to expedite access to vaccine availability, administration criteria FAQs, vaccine product FAQs, and appointment management.

Solution 3
IT analysts support the client’s EHR configuration and build challenges either through IT backfill for upgrade and maintenance support or COVID-19 build changes.

Client success: Staff augmentation for COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Client: A not-for-profit healthcare system in the Midwest with 26 hospitals and more than 500 sites of care required 80 resources to augment their internal team.

Challenge: Like most healthcare systems across the country, the client has experienced a significant increase in patient call volume related to COVID-19 vaccine administration goals. They have also had to manage phased vaccine availability, scheduling, supply chain problems, vaccine distribution concerns, patient education, and the opportunity to schedule a patient in Epic while involved in a live conversation to prevent patient leakage to other care opportunities.

Service: DeliverHealth was called on to roll out and manage the client’s vaccination call center.

Results: Strong virtual delivery program, flexible delivery options, high-quality resources, and proven outcomes with productivity-related analytics.


CXO Benefits

  • Reduce impact to clinician productivity, reduce burnout
  • Support vaccine administration programs
  • Prevent patient leakage
  • Promote patient engagement
  • Enhance care delivery and availability remotely
  • Assist with meeting public health goals that benefit the overall community

Contact Center and Patient Access Benefits

  • Expand call center scalability
  • Reduce call agent burnout and turnover
  • Enhance staff management