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Increase your documentation productivity and quality through advanced back-end speech recognition.

Harness the fastest way to communicate, safely.

Some would say speech is also the simplest way to communicate. And that’s where we come in. With our automatic speech recognition platform, you have a convenient, easy-to-use tool to manage rising patient documentation demands, increase productivity, and enhance secure document quality.

And since the shift toward accountable care places new pressures on the patient narrative, DeliverHealth offers you faster turnaround times and greater insight into your clinical information. Our efficient back-end editing and transcription management delivers multiple ways for capturing the patient encounter, including affordable Cloud-based distribution options.

Automatic speech recognition technology also gives physicians tremendous time savings — time they can use to manage patient loads and provide exceptional care, which is incredibly important considering constantly changing technology and regulations.

The simpler way to tell the patient story is now the best way to tell the patient story.

Technology-enabled clinical documentation services

From best practice EHR templates to transcription and scribes, DeliverHealth simplifies the creation, codification, and management of clinical information empowering physicians to tell the complete patient story.

Clinical documentation »
Simplify clinical information complexities so providers can spend more time caring for their patients. Our lineup includes mobile, speech, transcription, EHR personalization, scribing, and coding services. 

Mobile »
Open the door for clinician convenience and satisfaction with flexible workflow options to meet both administrative and clinical needs.

Transcription »
Choose the best transcription approach with full-service management or flexible outsourcing. We align our services with your organization’s unique needs to minimize disruption, reduce turnaround time, and accelerate the revenue cycle.

EHR personalization
Set up individualized preference lists, smart phrases, smart text, quick forms, and more as you customize the EHR experience to match your team’s preference.

Codify your clinical documentation with support from our tech-enabled coding team. As the most important step in your mid-revenue cycle, coding gets intelligently augmented at DeliverHealth.

Clinical support services
Expertise and leadership that gives you the results you deserve. 

Advisory and Consulting
Rely on our deep knowledge and best practices in clinical workflow optimization to achieve better KPI-driven outcomes for clinical documentation productivity, physician satisfaction, EHR usability, and ROI.

Service Desk
Our service desk agents have a minimum three years of experience and many hold clinical credentials. They go beyond simply answering questions — they grow provider knowledge, self-reliance, and EHR adoption.

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