Boost performance with actionable insights

Use intelligent analytics from your clinical documentation to improve outcomes.

eSOne’s intelligence removes productivity barriers.

Clinical documentation is a one-to-many process. One clinical note is used by many stakeholders in healthcare. Deeper insights into these notes informs prescriptive steps to improve physician usability and satisfaction. Our eSOne platform delivers this exact type of intelligence to keep your clinical documentation on the right path.

Know the right steps to take.

DeliverHealth’s eSOne platform has insights into the most important clinical documentation systems and data. We use this intelligence to analyze, monitor, and assign appropriate resources — or remove unnecessary tasks. Sometimes the solution is to assign a scribe. In other cases, mobile templates are updated. Either way, physician burdens are relieved and revenue cycle workflows are improved.

We keep your clinical documentation on the path toward proper reimbursement and physician satisfaction. The right solution, for the right physician, applied to the right workflows.

Isn’t it about time your documentation took the right turn?

“Health IT leaders really need to be focused on implementing tools that genuinely make it easier for physicians to practice. It’s got to be about streamlining their workflows.”

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Clinical documentation teams monitor and manage the pace of documentation creation in real time while clinicians quickly document patient encounters through automated speech recognition technology. Workflow data is continually captured to inform process changes, suggest other documentation options, or adjust training strategies.

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Automated workflows increase efficiency and are provided through a secure, cloud-based platform. They produce actionable data to remove productivity barriers, reduce costs, and improve the customer service experience. Updates are also performed in the cloud to reduce IT burdens and minimize security risks. Physicians sign off on reports promptly to speed up revenue recognition and HIM productivity. With multiple ways to capture documentation, organizations enjoy improved quality and physician satisfaction.