Protect physician productivity with medical scribes

Virtual assistants ease the documentation burden.

Let your physicians prioritize patients over paperwork with certified medical scribes.

Documentation shouldn’t take away from patient focus. But sometimes it does. That’s where our virtual scribes come in. We provide trained scribes who listen in to the patient visit, all the while documenting the encounter directly into your EHR using our eSOne platform.

Our scribes document the patient encounter, so your physicians enjoy more patient face time. It’s a win-win for patient care, physician satisfaction, and your revenue cycle.



Patient census list available via interface in real-time in eSOne
Provider records patient encounter using eSOne Mobile App to document the patient visit
Scribes use eSOne to type the dictated notes in eSOne and copy and paste the complete note in the customer’s EHR sytem.

Scribe to use comment section in EHR system to alert Provider on missing info, questions, etc.

Reports are copied over to EHR system and available for provider to sign and complete

Provider addresses incomplete items before signing the document

Access scribed notes in the EHR system

We combine people, process, and technology options to simplify the clinical documentation process

  • Place greater focus on the patient encounter
  • Protect clinician productivity and boost efficiency
  • Shorten the revenue cycle through faster completion of documents, reports and notes
  • Improve quality and consistency of charting
  • Reduce follow up queries and rework for physicians

We’re here to help you do more.