Reap the rewards of a secure, reliable platform.

Key Benefits:

  • More complete and thorough documentation
  • Decreased provider documentation time
  • Improved provider productivity
  • More face-to-face time with patients
  • Improved patient care and satisfaction
  • Enhanced provider satisfaction
  • Faster revenue cycle
  • Better MIPS protocol documentation

Why try DeliverHealth Medical Scribing.

  • eSOne, the most powerful HIM Platform in the industry
  • Seamless toggle between “Scribing” and “Dictation…same application, same user interface, and with one dashboard
  • WiFi or additional technology not required
  • Scribes available at anywhere and anytime
  • SIU interface available with EHR
  • Works with all EHRs and specialties

How it Works.

Accessing a trained medical scribe on the DeliverHealth platform is as easy as tapping a button on an iPhone or Android device.

DeliverHealth’s eSOne mobile app allows physicians to record the patient-physician encounter for our highly trained medical scribes to listen and create a structured note in the EHR for physicians to review and sign off.

Who We Serve.

Hospitals and Health Systems:
  • Glean all earned reimbursements from more complete documentation
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores by improving the quality of the Clinician / Patient interaction
  • Facilitate and maximize the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of patient care
  • Improve provider satisfaction and retention rate

Ready to embrace medical scribing?

“DeliverHealth has greatly cut down my charting time allowing my work/life balance to be much improved – thanks!” – Jeannie Lessly, M.D., CEO of Doctor Jeannie Senior Care, a Division of Creative Healthcare, PLLC.

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