Has your digital transformation hit a huge speed bump?

It’s common. And it happens most often when disconnected point solutions and fragmented processes cause more problems than they solve. A few of the symptoms: 

of patients will leave their existing provider for one who delivers a better holistic digital experience.

of health systems have no documented digital strategy.

of health systems feel confident that they chose the right software vendor.

average number of patient-facing apps at top U.S. hospitals.

Overcome the chaos and create a true digital health ecosystem.

Out-of-the-box integration with 30+ point solutions touching all areas of the patient journey.

Fuel your growth strategy.

Tap into expertise for all things digital health.

Our Digital Health Solutions Integrator team includes experts covering every facet of digital health. They’ve worked in the trenches and driven tangible results. They’ll roll up their sleeves and show you how to connect your digital health solutions to ROI.


  • Overall digital strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Technology adoption management
  • Patient intake workflow
  • Workforce management & analysis
  • Telephony workflow
  • Annual strategic planning
  • Campaign management
  • Data management architecture
  • Product promotion and adoption