Create a seamless, modern patient journey.

Help patients connect with your providers and staff in the way they find most convenient. Omni-channel communications from DeliverHealth gives you a host of consumer-facing services that you can use to interact with patients at every part of their journey.

AI Virtual Assistant

Fully automated, conversational AI technology designed to anticipate your patients’ needs and give them clear, simple direction.


A convenient, digital way to connect your patients to agents who have the right skillsets and knowledge to address their needs.


Live voice services that give you a 360-degree engagement solution you can use to acquire new patients, retain and engage existing patients, and boost customer lifetime value.

Eliminate the busywork.

Call center budgets are razor thin, and qualified staff keeps getting harder to find. Omni-channel communications helps healthcare organizations answer patients’ most commonly asked questions virtually. As a result, your staff will get their time back to spend on patient interactions that require a highly trained expert.

Get more efficient.

Each time a patient spends an extra five minutes working on new patient paperwork in a waiting room, it delays their care and puts your providers and staff behind schedule. Solutions like AI Virtual Assistant, LiveChat, and LiveAgent give you the proper channels to automate routine tasks like new patient paperwork, appointment scheduling, and visit confirmation. With omni-channel communications, you can stay on schedule and get your patients the prompt care they need.

Go beyond ‘plug and play’.

The best omni-channel communication technology won’t solve a thing if it’s layered on top of poor processes. To get you the maximum benefit, our team at DeliverHealth puts process first. Our experts will take a deep dive into your existing processes, then re-engineer the steps for your maximum benefit. All this is done before we implement our technology. This process-forward mentality helps ensure that the solutions you implement will deliver the long-term results you expect.