Tech-enable your coding through AI.

Autonomous coding engines use sophisticated, new generation computer algorithms and machine learning to code outpatient charts within seconds, with zero human intervention and proven high accuracy.

The intelligent autonomous engines understand relevancy – to determine if codes are high confidence (95% accurate) to flow straight to billing or low confidence (below 95% accurate) to route to a human coding professional.

Achieve faster billing, less denials, and 95% accuracy with autonomous coding.

PerformPlatform – The only autonomous coding aggregator.

PerformPlatform is the industry’s only platform that has pre-defined and integrated workflows connected to multiple AI engines for optimal autonomous coding results. 

Let DeliverHealth be your one solution. Coding your way.

Improve coder satisfaction.

Giver your coders the opportunity to perform at their highest level and reduce their workloads at the same time. The DeliverHealth Platform routes cases to autonomous coding engines or human coders based on criteria you define. Coders gain the time they need to evaluate complicated outpatient and inpatient encounters, sharpening skills that can help them advance their careers.