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DeliverHealth is a healthcare software & services company with interconnected solutions that improve our customer’s capabilities to solve systemic issues. True to our vision of ‘simplifying the complexities of healthcare’; we leverage our DeliverHealth platform and a suite of managed and professional services, to deploy the exact right solution for our clients depending on their goals, objectives, and current state process maturity.

Creating the connections that matter most through:


Reducing physician burnout by giving clinicians multiple ways to create timely, accurate documentation within the EHR.

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Coding & Revenue Integrity

Best-in-class software and services to turn structured and unstructured data into organized words that improve efficiencies and reduce exceptions in clinical coding.

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Digital Health

The industry’s only digital health ecosystem of digital front door software and omni-channel services enables the customer to experience the patient’s needs.

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EHR Realization

From current system maintenance through build, training, personalization, cutover and ongoing EHR support – building a resilient EHR is mission-critical, and we can help.

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Security & Risk Management

Proactively assess and protect your organization against breaches and attacks.

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“DeliverHealth is very responsive. They have industry knowledge and experience, so we don’t have to explain what everything means. DeliverHealth jumps right in and becomes a solution provider. . . I can send DeliverHealth an email or call them and get an immediate response. There is no delay. They are very knowledgeable. I have never talked to anybody who hasn’t known what they were doing.”

DeliverHealth Customer surveyed by KLAS Research

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