Tammy Preisner | Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

People expect simplicity with their daily technology, and that includes healthcare technology … we provide that.

After spending more than two decades in various roles at Aetna, Tammy has spent the past 11 years in several high-level compliance positions, helping improve standards and operations.

She was a Compliance Manager with Pfizer, a Compliance Officer at Access Health CT, Chief Compliance Officer and counsel at Evariant and at Clarity Software Solutions, and she was the Cyber Security Officer for Nuance before joining DeliverHealth Solutions.

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How Tammy would like customers to describe DeliverHealth: Innovative, reliable, secure and trustworthy.

Where she finds her inspiration: Walking and music.

Tammy’s favorite hobby: Spending time with her two granddaughters.

The best advice he has ever received: There are always two sides to a story.

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DeliverHealth is built on leadership continuity, and we’re proud to offer knowledgeable partners who inspire simplicity with technology that removes the complexity.

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