Simplify and decrease documentation time

Scribing allows clinicians to focus on what’s important – the patient!

Let your physicians prioritize patients over paperwork.

Documentation shouldn’t take away from patient focus. But sometimes it does. That’s where our medical scribing service comes in. Our team will complete patient’s health records by listening to a recorded encounter on eSOne mobile app.

Is scribing right for you?

Are you experience any of the below, we can help

  • Physician documentation challenges
  • Missed documentation of billable treatments or DRGs
  • Delayed chart completion
  • Delayed patient billing
  • Denials and delayed reimbursement
  • Scribing personnel management (hiring / training)

Our dedicated scribing team documents the patient encounter, so your physicians enjoy more patient face time. It’s a win-win for patient care, patient and physician satisfaction, and your revenue cycle.


Clinicians spend only 33% of their time on patient interaction


Faces documentation challenges


Denials and delayed reimbursement


Clinicians spent 75% of their time on patient interaction


Improved chart accuracy and billing cycle


Improved clinician and patient satisfaction


Improved MIPS protocol documentation


Collect on all earned reimbursement from more complete documentation

Explore how our scribing service can put focus back on the patient and protect physician productivity.

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